SaleSpikeS Global is a business operating in the e-commerce industry, applying modern technology and the latest approach to exploit the infinite potential of this field


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Ecommerce -
Trend of the future

Number of internet users in 2019. Increased 366 million compared to January 2018

4.39 billion people

Internet retail sales in 2019

3535 billion USD

Expected retail sales on the Internet 2023

6542 billion USD

Starting as ecommerce and technology experts, realizing the speed of information technology in the world, we have found a breakthrough solution to become a pioneer in the ecommerce industry at Asia Pacific. To achieve that goal, SaleSpikeS Global builds an end-to-end technology system, a large-scale ecosystem.

Unlike other businesses operating in ecommerce, we have enough bases to determine what kind of goods really have business potential and are useful for customers. With that in mind, we manage not only the digital business platform, but also complete control over the manufacturing process, product quality, and final distribution channels.

Established since 2019 with the initial headquarters in Singapore, up to now, we have been present in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and plan to appear in a series of other countries in the near future.

Leading the Ecommerce race

SaleSpikeS Global

As stated, we know which fields need to be exploited, in order to not only bring profit but also bring long-term value to customers, distributed via ecommerce channel.

After careful research for natural and quality ingredients, we have selected key product lines including:

- Healthcare products
- Beauty products
- And many other diverse products: home appliances, furniture, accessories ...

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SaleSpikeS Global
What do we have?

Nowadays, transactions of buying and selling through ecommerce have gradually prevailed over traditional methods.

Buying and selling goods via smartphones will help businesses save effort and time. They also quickly approach customers, moreover, provide customers with the most dedicated, thoughtful and efficient service experience.

To help businesses focus on core activities, SaleSpikeS Global launched Telesales - Call Center solution, helping businesses achieve their growth desires without spending too much time and effort on researching and management.

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